Here are some Frequently Asked questions. If you don’t see your question here or you’d like additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Yes, we have an order minimum of 18 pieces. You are able to do a mix of items to reach the minimum; T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeves, etc. (Prices vary depending on the item & sizes)

Yes, you are able to do a mix of colors with your items at no additional charge. Additional fees apply if you change the color of the imprint.

You can mix sizes throughout your order, there is no minimum per size. There are additional fees for sizes above XL. *please note that not all colors & styles carry all sizes

We have a catalog of items you can choose from. Many different brands and styles, we have something that works for everyone. We have samples in our showrooms of some of our most popular items. If you’re looking for a certain brand or style please let your sales rep know.

We have a 6 color press, so you are able to do up to 6 colors per location. If you have a logo or a design that has a lot of colors we can help you simplify it so that it can be fewer colors, but still look great!

We can do a full color heat transfer. We print the image on our large format printer and then we heat transfer it to your item.

Items are priced based on type of apparel, quantity, amount of colors and imprint locations.

*List the care sheet for heat transfer and screen printing

Typical turnaround is 2 weeks from date of approval of your layout.

Yes, rush service is available if we are able to accommodate the order. There are fees that will apply to rush orders.

We can handle all of your embroidery! We can do Polos, hats, jackets, aprons, anything you need for your business! There is a one time set up fee to digitize your logo for embroidery. There is a 12 item minimum for embroidery. Turn around time is 2 weeks from approval of artwork.


A vehicle wrap is speci al vinyl that is applied to your vehicle. It can be accent pieces like stripes or it can cover the entire vehicle and make it look completely different.

Prices vary on wraps, depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of coverage you are looking for. We work with budgets, so if you have a budget you are needing to stick to let your sales rep know and we will get as much coverage on the vehicle as we can within that budget.

No, a wrap can actually help protect your paint from everyday wear and tear in some cases. However; a wrap is only as good as the surface it’s applied to. So if you have peeling or lifting paint, chalking or rust…the wrap will not adhere to that and it can cause the surface to become worse if removed. Proper installation and removal of your wrap is crucial to keeping your paint safe. 3M has trained our installers on how to properly prep a vehicle and install vinyl so that it can be removed without damaging your vehicle. There are circumstances that we will recommend you not get a wrap due to the surface of your vehicle. We do this with honesty to protect you, because the wrap wouldn’t last if applied and we don’t want to see your investment go out the window.

Like most things, it will last as long as it’s taken care of. We provide you with care tips to keep your wrap looking great for longer. A typical wrap can last up to 5 years. We have several customers that have outlived that and their wrap still looks awesome. The parts of your vehicle that get harshest affects from the elements are the roof, hood and truck lid. These areas of the vehicle are usually the first to show aging.

Don’t worry! If you have had to get repairs done on the vehicle we are able to wrap the new pieces. Bring the vehicle to us so we can check out what needs to be rewrapped. We can print just the sections that are needing to be repaired and install just that. No one will know but you!

Yes, we recommend starting with a clean, smooth vehicle. So we will not install vinyl over vinyl. We will remove existing vinyl for you, we charge by the hour for it. DeSigns Inc., cannot be held responsible to damage on your vehicle caused by the vinyl and removal if we did not install it originally.

We are able to wrap any smooth primed and painted surface. There are certain areas that the vinyl will be applied in pieces, like a door handle. Anything that is a textured plastic or faux chrome we do not wrap.

Our sales reps will work with you to make sure that your message is portrayed clearly and effectively. We specialize in effective wraps! We spend time with you and learn about what you want your wrap to achieve for your business. We’ll make suggestions of things to add or take away so that it will be more effective. We will measure and take pictures of your vehicle as well as check the surfaces to make sure it’s able to get wrapped. Our 2 in house designers will work to come up with a concept based on all the information you provide. We will show you the concept on a template of the vehicle. We want to make sure you’re completely happy with the layout so you’re able to make revisions, once approved we do a test print on the actual material that will be applied to the vehicle. This allows you to see a live sample of colors, ensuring that you’re satisfied. Let our experienced staff take your business to the next level!

As the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Our prices reflect the quality of work that goes into each installation, and our installs are incredibly thorough & time consuming. If you are finding prices that are really cheap, the quality is probably cheap too. A vehicle wrap is an investment and it is the face of your business. You want it to stand the test of time. Most shops do not offer a warranty on your wrap. We have a 3 year warranty and 3M backs us for a year of that warranty. DeSigns Inc. uses only the best MCS Certified Inks, vinyl and laminate. Installation is also taken very seriously. Not only do we make sure that your vehicle’s exterior is spotlessly clean to ensure proper adhesion and no film failure, but we also go the distance in disassembling your vehicle prior to wrapping. That means no unnecessary seams, no bad cuts, or messy edges. If the film we supplied fails, bring it in and we’ll make it right until you’re satisfied with the results.

Installation depends on the amount of vinyl being applied and type of vehicle. Stripes, accent pieces, lettering or graphics can take 1-2 days. Full vehicle wraps will take longer. If you are working against a deadline, please let your sales rep know when you are placing the order and we will try to accommodate you.

For the most part yes. Certain custom vinyl is still a “grey area”, like a chrome wrap for example. If your company vehicle is getting wrapped and it’s also your personal vehicle we recommend checking with your home owners association (if you have one) to make sure vehicles with advertising are permitted in your neighborhood.

We take your windows into consideration when designing your wrap. If you want to maintain visibility in your rear windows we offer a perforated vinyl. This lets the wrap design to continue and cover your windows but allows the driver to see. The driver and passenger windows will not be covered by any type of vinyl.


Absolutely! Promotional Products are a great way to get and keep your information in front of others. They’re affordable and effective! People love free stuff, regardless of what it is. In most cases if you get one or two orders off of the promotional product, it’s paid for itself. Think about an ink pen at a restaurant, your server brings the check to your table and there is a pen in there for you to sign the receipt. That pen has a company logo on it, think about how many people look at that pen throughout a day, week, month.

We work with a wide range of companies, all have a different business type and client base. Some of the most popular items are pens, mugs & tumblers, mouse pads, microfiber clothes, lip balm, hand sanitizer and stress balls. We recommend choosing items that are practical for your potential client and also relevant to your business. For example if you are a veterinary clinic choosing a USB drive wouldn’t make as much sense as choosing a customized frisbee or dog waste bag dispenser. DeSigns wants to see your investment put to good use!

Turn Around times vary depending on the item and quantity. We make sure we give you an estimated turnaround time on your items upon ordering. If you are working with a deadline for an event, please let your sales rep know when you are placing the order so we can make sure we are able to accommodate you.

We can provide you with catalogs and links to look at or you can work with one of our sales reps. We can help you figure out what would be the most effective for you and also work within your budget.

We provide a digital proof prior to sending it into production. Nothing is manufactured until you approve the layout of your design.

In most cases yes; however there are exceptions. Certain items have a imprint color limit. If you have a multi colored logo and the item you want has a one color imprint maximum, our designers can simplify your logo to be a one color imprint. You won’t lose the effectiveness of your logo. We can work with item color and imprint color to keep the integrity of your brand and not sacrifice style.

Yes, there are plenty of items to choose from that have a very fast turnaround time. Please contact one of our sales reps and we can let you know what items would work within your timeline.

Each item has a minimum order requirement. Most items we are able to offer a less than minimum service option; however there are fees that are applied due to the customization process of the items. We encourage you to order items that can be stored and used for different events. Also this helps you from having to reorder another less than minimum order when you need to restock

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