Do you want to make an impression and get your business recognized? 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed vehicle ads.
Vehicle wraps are rapidly becoming the most effective form of advertising. In this tough market place today it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, stand out from your competitors with a dynamic vehicle wrap. Here at DeSigns we are committed to supplying you and your company with the highest standards possible, Using 3M certified materials, inks and laminates, and expert installation by one of the only 3M certified installers in Southeast Virginia. While still being able to offer it at a competitive and affordable rate.

How are you advertising currently?


It is undeniable vehicle graphics offer the single most cost-effective advertising available

Lets look at some traditional advertising tools and prices:
Television- $23.70
Newspaper- $19.70
Magazine- $21.46
Radio- $7.75
Billboard- SPEND-$2400 a month (not including art work and installation)

Compare those prices to a fully wrapped (all surfaces covered) company van. Typically they will run about $2500- $3000, that's as little as $1.37 a day or $42 a month (Based on a $2500 wrap, over 5 year span) for unlimited advertising you can take ANYWHERE!

Vehicle wraps usually last about 5 years, studies show that vehicle wraps can generate up to 16 million impressions in one year. Multiply that by 5 years and there is nothing that can compete.

Vehicle graphics and car wraps have been proven to be a smart investment of your marketing dollars. You already own the advertising space, why not make it into your own mobile billboard? Let’s shake up your advertising and get your business rolling!

Read what our vehicle wrapped customers have to say!


I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you and your team on the fantastic job you did for us on our vehicles. We have had direct sales off of them from day 1 on the road. When I considered wrapping an 80 thousand dollar truck my number one goal was to find the right company; I found the right company. You guys accomplished everything you promised on time and on budget. Everything I asked you to do was done with professionalism and expedited to my needs. Once again thank you and expect many more jobs from us in the future.

Ric Reineke
The Pool Guyz, Inc.

I want to thank everyone at Designs for being such a great help with all of our vehicle wraps. The design you created made for our trucks looks awesome and the installation was fast and professional. Also all the print work has been great and turn around time has been very quick. It has always been a pleasure doing business with Designs Inc. Thank you so much.

Vinie Copeland
Eclipse Mechanical Services Inc.

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